iSAIRR Faculty Oversight Committee (FOC)

    Name Department Rank UCCCC Member (y/n) Research Interest
    Charles Pelizzari, PhD (FOC Chair) Radiation & Cellular Oncology Associate Professor Yes (AI) Image-guided radiation therapy
    Martin Burke, DO Medicine Associate Professor No Cardiac imaging
    Geoffrey Greene, PhD Ben May/Cancer Biology Professor Yes (MMC) Cancer biology, breast cancer
    Stephen Kron, MD, PhD Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology Professor Yes (MMC) Molecular assays for cell signaling and DNA repair in cancer
    George Langan, DVM Surgery/ARC Director Associate Professor No Veterinary science
    Michael Millis, MD Surgery Professor No Transplant surgery
    Ex Officio, Sci Co-Dir Chin-Tu Chen, PhD Radiology Associate Professor Yes (AI) Integrative functional and molecular imaging
    Ex Officio, Sci Co-Dir Brian Roman, PhD Radiology Assistant Professor Yes (AI) Physiologic and molecular imaging